If you wanna gain power in life, the key is control of your mind. Mind control. But in this case, it it is not about the Illuminati, New World Order, or nefarious “security” agencies. It is you. The one thing you have control over in life is your mind. One way to learn to control your mind is through meditation.

Thus my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe used to say:

“Meditation is the silent wisdom of the mind, and the flow of angels. It’s MindPeace. It is the true intelligensia and the ancestral flow of the divine, which in your body’s DNA.”

Meditation is all about learning to still the flow of thoughts from your conscious mind (internal dialogue). When you can control internal dialogue and the thinking process, you gain enormous power over the world and your environment, and you gain peace of mind (or “MindPeace”)

Earl Marlowe also said:

“When spirit speaks [through meditation], spirits listen. Learn to listen yourself too. Because when you silence the jumble of thoughts in your head, you can hear the whisper of eternity.”

There are many methods of meditation. You can sit still and focus your attention on your breathing, noticing the in and out breaths.

Or you can meditate as you go about your daily business. You focus your attention on your body, scanning up from your feet, your legs, torso, arms, to your head. And at the same time hear the sounds around you, and focus more on peripheral vision and on seeing things directly. Or you can focus your attention on your breath, being aware of every nuance as you inhale and exhale.

Do this, and you will find things fall into place more easily. And you will be calmer and more relaxed.

As Earl Marlowe said: “Meditation is the key to power and clarity. If there’s trouble and strife all around, you’ll be calm and be able to sort shit out with clear focus.”

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