Whenever I mention Mercury being in retrograde, I can almost hear Doktor Snake smirk. He’ll have nothing to do with that kind of astrological bunkum (as he probably thinks he can control the stars and planets), but mark my words, this one is astronomical, and not only in the scientific sense. THIS Mercury in retrograde (Mercury will enter its strongest phase on July 26th at 1:02 am, ET) is going to blow your socks off, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now, before I explain why this will make you feel a little like Michael Jackson doing the moon-walk and getting precisely nowhere, let me also add that there are another 5 planets in retrograde at the same time: Step forward (or rather backward) Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron and last but not least – I don’t care what the astronomers say about it “not being a planet” – Pluto. So we have ourselves a nice little bouquet of planetary chaos there.

Add into this that there is a total lunar eclipse 27th to 28th July, and I really start to wonder why I don’t just put my head on the desk and the “Pip is out” sign on the door right now. If you really want to torture yourself, I’ll let you know that it’s set to be the longest total eclipse of the 21st century. Happy now? No, I thought not …

Right, so let’s get down and dirty about how this will affect you…

Being the planet that governs communications, Mercury in retrograde always causes disruptions with all kinds of connections – from text messages to chance meetings with your ex. Anything related to any kind of exchange of words, written or spoken is more likely to go haywire.

Don’t be surprised if you’ve already started to feel the effects – Mercury started its journey 8th July, and won’t totally leave retrograde until 1st September. Liken it to a car with its engine idling but ticking over and then revving up and putting your foot down. Obviously, Mercury doesn’t actually go backwards, it’s an optical illusion, but we know how powerful some optical illusions are.

The fact that this retrograde is paired with Leo is going to magnify things, and make them bigger and bolder, so potentially more explosive. Arguments are likely to “blow up”, particularly with people who like to take charge and aren’t flexible in their attitudes.

So, remember to make a special effort to be patient and honest. Do NOT sign anything important until the end of August at the earliest. You are likely to find that anything signed now will shift on important details, and not necessarily in your favor.

However, the mischief that is Mercury in retrograde will undoubtedly stir up total chaos among those in power and authority, and we are likely to see MAJOR blunders on all political fronts.

On a lighter note – or maybe not – it can be positive if dealing with matters that may have gone wrong in the past. So if an old employer turns around and offers you a new post for instance, it’s a positive, and if you’re thinking of moving house and have had a bid refused, it’s worth going back and trying again. So you get the idea. Anything negative from the PAST can be re-dressed, and all you need to do is remember the 3 R’s …

  • Reflect
  • Re-evaluate
  • Re-assess

…before you take any action.

All I’ll say is I’m going to be keeping a surreptitious eye on Doktor Snake, making notes, and then when we come around to the next Mercury in retrograde in November and he says it’s all a load of nonsense, I can show him how it played out this time … You know us old Girl Guides and our motto: “Be prepared!”

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