Draconid Meteor Shower Spell - Brings New Beginnings In Love & Relationships
Draconid meteor shower When the Draconid meteor shower graces our night skies, peaking on October 8th and 9th, it's a very powerful time not only to attract love, but to find new beginnings in a relationship. NOTE: The deadline for orders for this spellworking is midnight on October 7th. Not only is the Sun in Libra when the Draconid shower hits its peak, but Libra is ruled by Venus. Therefore this is highly fortuitous time for channeling the energies from the Draconid meteor shower into a powerful love spell, which either attracts love into your life, or brings new beginnings in an existing relationship. In the Northern Hemisphere, you will see the Daconid meteor shower coming from the constellation of Draco, from where its name originates. Draco corresponds to the Death card in the Tarot deck. While you might see this as a negative association, it is far from it. In fact, the tarot Death card is more a symbol of the death of the old, leading to new and better beginnings. Thus in terms of casting a love spell, this generates a great deal of power in terms of bringing positive changes to your situation.

How it works

During a ritual, I harness the energies from the Draconid meteor shower using the magical arts. Once you’ve submitted your wish to me via email, I create a sigil that encapsulates your desire in a pictogram. I place this on my shrine until the Draconid meteor shower is at its peak. Draconid meteor spell sigil

The Ritual

Then on the nights of October 8th and 9th, I take your sigil to one of the places of power I use out in the countryside – a sacred grove some seven miles from me. Once there, I light a ritual fire and perform a ceremony during which I burn your sigil in the sacred flames as an offering to the gods, cajoling them to bring your wish into material manifestation. As the smoke rises from the burning sigil fire, your wish is sent into the “shimmering realm” where the myriad of infinite possibilities coalesce into everyday reality. You literally wish upon a shooting star...

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