“It’s about empowerment and shaping reality according to your will…”

Yep, on Midsummer Solstice, June 21st 2018, I’m fixing up seven “Box o’ Power” rituals for clients as the sun rises over a deserted beach in Eastern England. The site is a place of power that even has an oak and hawthorn shrouded processional path down to the beach.

Midsummer solstice – and the very location itself – mean that any rituals performed are very powerful. They really get things done.

So what will a Box o’ Power do for you?

In short, you state what you want – your magickal intention – and that will be what your Box o’ Power is charged with.

Once the rite is done, it will become a ritually-empowered, living, breathing servitor with one focus: manifesting your intention. Oh, and I will mail the box to you, along with a letter of simple instructions on how you can add power and your own personal connection to the box.

NOTE: I can only do seven “Box o’ Power” rituals at dawn on June 21st.

So if you’d like me to fix one up for you, email me from my contact page, and I’ll give you full details, along with cost.

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