Recently I’ve started to look into all kinds of so called “alternative” therapies. My favorite is the Past Life Regression that I’ve been pursuing, which I’ll go into in more detail another time…

However, one that I’ve known about for a while but never got around to looking into is EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.

It can be used for many different reasons and purposes, but the one I’m going to be talking about is dealing with one of the most common problems – money. Without realising it, many of us shoot ourselves in the foot with the attitude that somehow we don’t deserve money. Full Stop.

It can be a variety of beliefs, along the lines that money is evil, that we really don’t deserve to receive more for what we do, no-one will pay us fairly for what we do … The list is endless as to why we convince ourselves that we just don’t deserve it. And then we wonder why we stay in the same financial boat which seems to be letting in more and more water.

So we need to get to the root of this and start bailing that boat out, agreed?

For the basics of tapping and how it works, there are many reputable websites which will tell you how to go about it and how to replace your negative self beliefs with positive, affirming ones to improve all kinds of areas of your Life.

The magick secret here is to combine it with use of a powerful hoodoo oil. So once you’ve done your tapping, use your oil to anoint relevant items, always imagining the positive things you want. A really good way to do this is to picture yourself already being in the position of having these things.

To go along with this one, the ideal companion is a powerful money magnet oil. It’s quite simple to put yourself one together, and here’s how –

You’re going to need a bottle to blend you oil together, and some carrier oil. I’ve recently become a convert to Holly Oil, which along with the protective benefits of holly also has the enormous plus in that it has an unlimited shelf life and doesn’t need to be kept under any particular conditions to retain its properties. How magick is that?

Ok, I’m just going to list a few things here that you could add to your carrier oil. There are many more, but this will give you a good starting place. All of these listed are proven powerful ingredients in money workings.

Juniper berries
Jasmine, either essential oil or blossom
Lavender, essential oil or buds
Ginger root, preferably fresh and chopped or grated
Frankincense, essential oil or resin
Ylang Ylang
Black peppercorns

Another good move I always find is to add in a few things to help the process along – money drawing crystals, chopped dollar bills, that kind of thing.

So once you have it all blended nicely, just use it in ways that feel right to you. Anointing money notes, rubbing a little on your palms before going anywhere where there is a chance you might make money, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Use of this oil combined with adopting the right, positive mental attitude, however you achieve it – but tapping may be a thing thing that’s worth exploring – really is the killer combination to put you in the right frame of mind to turn your financial situation around!

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