A mojo hand or conjure bag is a voodoo amulet containing the ingredients of a spellworking, including roots, herbs, and stones or other magical items.

The roots of mojo hands go back to Africa and to other traditions of magic and sorcery. Most cultures would use a small bag to keep their magical artefacts in.

The ingredients used become alive with numinous power after a voodoo ritual has been performed. You time a ritual according to the phases of the moon or the position of the sun.

Does the ritual involve spirits?

Calling on spirits is part of the ritual practice to charge mojo hands and conjure bags. To gain the help of the spirits you create sigils. These are hand- drawn glyphs on paper or parchment that are used to instruct the spiritual powers to charge the ritual items with numinous powers. Ritual items used may be herbs, roots, stones or other items.

The intention of a ritual is your desire or wish. It could be to bring love into your life. To return a lost lover. To draw money. Or to remove a hex.

Where do you conduct these rituals?

The mojo hand ritual can be performed at home on your own shrine. Or you can go to a place of power, such as an old graveyard, country crossroads or ancient monument – like a stone circle. Ruined churches are fine too.

Ideally, you make sure nobody else is likely to be around. This is because you don’t want to be disturbed. And also you don’t want to scare people!

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Can a mojo hand really bring changes in my life?

It can improve your situation to a surprising degree. It’s almost like a self-development tool. One that works on your subconscious mind via the spirits and the occult realm. It is the powerhouse within. The “belief engine” that gets things done.

Your subconscious mind works tirelessly night and day to improve your life. But sometimes when there’s negativity in your life, your subconscious will bring about the things you don’t want.

This is where a mojo hand comes in…

It acts as a “helping hand” working 24/7 to get your subconscious back on track and bringing positivity into your life.

Whatever your needs, a Mojo Hand is a voodoo spell that will help bring the changes you desire in your life. This could be love and relationship related or money and financial concerns. It could be cheating/infidelity, bad neighbors, luck and success related. Or court and legal, hex removal, cleansing and protection.

Depending on the nature of working, you can keep your Mojo Hand discreetly on a mantelpiece, in a drawer, or carry it on your person (a letter with what you can do next will come with it).

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