Certain coins in circulation have special magical qualities that can attract more money to you…

I go to a lot of antiques emporiums and curio shops. I’ll look through stuff like coins and if I pick one up and it’s warm, or even hot to the touch, I know it’s magic money – a powerful talisman for drawing cash.

Sometimes you’ll get a coin like that in your change at a store. If it feels warm you know you gotta hold on to it. Don’t let it go at any price.

My voodoo mentor, Earl Marlowe, used to say:

“Nobody know why it is, but some coins in circulation have special spiritual properties. It’s like they were once handled by a rich man, and his innate money-attracting nature went into it. Who knows. It’s a mystery. But I do wonder if they been minted by spirits. Don’t make sense. But there it is. You and I know you gotta keep a look out for them coins.”

Earl and I always kept a magic money coin for ourselves. But if anyone thought we’d come across more they’d beg us to let them have one. One guy offered us twenty grand in cash for one.

Earl said no. But the guy persisted and offered more money. Earl said, “You wanna stop your fussin’, you a grown man, not a kid, these coins ain’t for sale at no price.”

I’d have been happy to sell the guy one at the time as I needed a new car. But Earl was insistent that we weren’t going to sell any.

He said, “Truth is, them coins are spirit money. You can’t take no cash for ’em. Spirits’ll hound you for it.”

“So what do we do with them?” I asked.

“We give ’em to anybody that’s a deserving cause, anybody in need,” he said. “For all we know, them coins might be Jesus money, minted by the messiah on the spirit plane.”

I wasn’t sure I bought that one. But it was a mystery why some coins felt hot and seemed to attract more money.

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