If you are in need of money, your mind is understandably focused on lack. Unfortunately, this becomes a vicious circle; the more you are focused on not having money, the less likely cash is going to come your way.

Ideally, you would focus on abundance, and the fact that money and affluence is all around you. It’s just a question of getting your share.

Easier said than done, you might say…

And that would be true. But the first step is getting yourself into an abundance mindset.

One key thing to remember in this respect is that, literally, trillions of dollars are going through your body on a daily basis – in the form of the electronic signals that move money around, be it over the internet, via credit and bank card systems, and through banks and stock markets.

Money is all round you, and going through you! Therefore, the abundance is there, and in a sense, there is no lack.

One way to attract money to you is using one of those seven-day candles – the votive ones in a glass “jar.”

This is what you do:

✴ Place your seven-day candle in a southern corner of your home. Next to it place an object that means something to you, or one you consider sacred.

✴ Next write a letter to the universe, to the great entirety of existence, saying how much you have worked in life, how you have helped various people, including friends and family, and that now it’s time for a refund!

Okay, you didn’t help people expecting money, but if you consider that everything in the world and the cosmos is energy, then the efforts you have put in are also energy, which you have expended.

So it’s only fair that you get a share of that energy back! You are entitled to a cash return!

✴ Now write that letter to the universe, saying something like:

“Dear Universe, I’ve done what I can to help others, and I was glad to do so, and did it with love. But considering money is an energy, and I have put out a fair bit of energy myself, I’d now like a return… or a refund, if you like, on the energy expended – right away, or as soon as you can. Thank you.”

✴ Put the letter next to the candle. Then light the candle. Each day go to the candle and ponder on getting your universal refund soon. You could also read your letter to the universe outloud to firmly implant the affirmation of a refund in your mind, as well as whizzing the message off to the ether.

✴ Do this until your refund appears, replacing the seven-day candle for as long as is necessary. It’s fine to leave votive candles burning so long as they are in a safe place.

I did this myself years ago. After about three weeks I secured a book publishing deal, which brought me a £20K advance, which I thought was a pretty reasonable refund from the universe!

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