Can you really “materialize” money out of thin air? What with cash for most people being in short supply, it seems nigh on impossible. Nothing more than a dumb pipe dream.

Unless, that is, you get into the mind-frame of “Nothing is true, everything is permitted” (reportedly a quote from 11th/12th century Islamic assassin Hassan-i Sabbah) – the deep realm of magick where you begin to recognize that we create our own realities.

Nothing is as it seems, particularly the consensus “reality” we perceive with our senses.

This isn’t just in the domain of mysticism; it’s also in the realm of quantum physics, where sub-atomic particles do some very strange and (currently) inexplicable things that, even the hardened skeptic might, albeit reluctantly, describe as magick.

So if we essentially create our own realities, why don’t we set about “materializing” money, apparently out of thin air? Let’s try…

This is what do to:

✴ As vivid as you can, visualize a coin of your choice. If you are in the U.S. it could be a nickel, dime or quarter. In the UK, 20p, 50p or a pound coin. Elsewhere in the world, choose whatever common coin in circulation you like.

✴ Now imagine strongly in your mind’s eye that you will find the coin on the street somewhere, as you go about your daily business.

✴ Then look for the coin each time you go out walking – while keeping up the regular visualization.

You might well be surprised and find quite a few coins of one sort or another. Many people do when they try this exercise.

It probably won’t make you rich. But the underlying principle might.

You are basically using what I call the “belief engine” aspect of your mind to sculpt your own reality. Not that this paradigm is any more true in “reality” than any other paradigm. But the point is you’re using whatever works.

Truth is a relative concept; one person’s “fake news” is another person’s truth. So my notions of the “belief engine” are no more than a working model that I often use because it works. What is actually “real” doesn’t come into it (and nothing is real, anyway).

Our minds tend to “prove” whatever it is we think – especially if we think it with some passion. Here again, we get echoes of creating our own realities, but ideally we do this consciously by adopting a given belief or paradigm, then discard it when it’s no longer useful or appropriate.

The best we can say is “reality” is fluid. So play with it.

And with the above money-finding exercise, you can view it a number of ways. The two most obvious being:

  1. You’re practicing “selective attention” where telling yourself there are lost coins everywhere, you inevitably find one because you are continually looking for coins. It’s the same if you walk down the street looking for yellow-colored items, you’ll see them everywhere because you’ve chosen to notice them (actually an exercise also worth trying).
  2. You’re practicing magick with the notion that your mind is able to control things around you, and thus you made the coin (or coins) manifest in everyday reality.

But like I say, the paradigm (or model of reality) you choose, though interesting and worthy of debate, doesn’t matter. Just do what works. Experiment.

And of course, you can adapt the above exercise for almost anything. You simply adopt a given belief (visualize its manifestation) and this will set in motion the “materialization” of your desire.

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