Use a money pen to fill out lottery tickets and to write cash petitions to the spirits…

Pip de Belfry has started making money pens to go with gambling and money spells, and with talismans or mojo hands for drawing cash. The idea is to use a money pen when you do the lottery or sign anything to do with winning or earning money.

She fills the pens with chopped up dollar bills and dresses them with money oil.

I’ll be including them in my money and gambling workings, and Pip will be doing the same.

Pip says:

The good thing about money pens is you can carry them with you. Nobody will know that it is, in fact, a talisman. So if you have a voodoo money spell from me or Doc, the money pen will act like a ‘shuttlecraft’ that goes with you, while the actual money talisman, which might be a mojo hand or spirit bag, stays at your house – and could be seen as the ‘mother-ship’ wielding the power, but connected to the money pen.

When it comes to money drawing, the best strategy is to keep as many items that symbolize money as you can. Doing this gears your subconscious mind towards being ready to “receive” the abundance that is all around. Just think of all the radio waves sending billions around the world that literally go through you every day. On a magical level, you’re simply looking to direct some of this money to you – be it with a gambling win, pay rise, a successful business, or whatever.

So a talisman like the money pen will add more firepower to your money-drawing “armory.” To find out more, head on over to Pip’s site to her Magic Money Pen page.

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