A daily chant to draw money will manifest cash in no time…

If you are in need of money, one way to draw abundance to you is to do a chant each and every day. It’s an affirmation and your subconscious mind will respond accordingly, leading you to favorable financial circumstances. A money chant can also be used as part of a money spell, or simply use it standalone.

You might do a money spells chant on waking and before going to bed, or whenever is most convenient to you.

Here’s what you do:

If nobody is around, raise your arms skyward, then say one of the money chants below out loud. (If people are around, simply say your chant internally, and don’t raise your arms in the air).

“I deserve to be wealthy and prosperous.”

“I am the one with the power that is materializing my financial desires.”

“My financial life is becoming easier.”

“All shortages are temporary, money will come to me.”

“My creativity brings me an endless stream of practical ideas to increase my income.”

You can vary the money chants above. Select one and use it for three or seven days, then do the same with another one. You can also create your own. The above are just examples of what you can do.

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