How will the cash appear when you’ve had a voodoo money spell cast for you?

It’s an understandable question, which is essentially asking how voodoo and magic works. But let’s initially look at what I do to cast a money spell…

Firstly, I collect the items together (herbs, stones, roots, sigils, etc) that go to make up a money talisman, which can take the form of a mojo hand (drawstring bag) or tin. Or literally anything that I think will fit the bill for drawing cash to you – in fact, I also do a voodoo doll for money.

Once everything is prepared I sort out an auspicious time to go to a disused graveyard or other place of power to call on the spirits to charge the items; this essentially is what I do to cast the spell.

Typically I choose the grave of somebody that was successful in business or was rich. Using a pendulum I communicate with the spirit to ensure it is happy to help with the spellworking, and I ascertain from it what type of offerings it would prefer, which can be liquor, cigars, flowers, chocolate or herbs.

Entering a trance state, I make my contact with the spirit deeper, almost to the point of being overshadowed, and then get it to imbue the items I’ve created with numinous power. In other words, the spirit charges the various items that make up a given talisman, be it a mojo hand, voodoo doll, or tin.

After that, I mail the items to you with a letter detailing what you can do next – typically a simple visualization technique to further focus you on drawing money.

But where exactly does the money come from now that the spell has been cast?

Essentially, it comes from the spirits, but via an earthly channel, such as job promotion, pay rises, gambling, or a new job… or it might well come from an unexpected windfall.

The key is always an earthly channel. There has to be a pathway in the everyday world for the money to manifest. And everybody has one, whether it be employment, or even getting a tax rebate out-of-the-blue.

The unexpected windfalls can take the form of a legacy or a financial opportunity that seemingly comes out of nowhere, and works out for you.

But the real source of the monetary gain is the spirits, called up on a windswept night in a lonely graveyard or site of an ancient temple.

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