A key part of casting voodoo spells involves choosing a moon phase that aligns with the intention of your spellworking – be it waxing, waning or full moon.

For me, aligning my spellworkings with the phases of the moon puts me in touch with the cycles and rhythms of nature. And this in turn brings my subconscious mind to the fore – which is what you need when casting voodoo spells.

So which moon phase should I choose?

It all depends on the intent of your spellworking. Below gives you basic guidelines according to the type of spell you are casting:

  • Waxing moon –  best for works of increase, such as gaining money, love or good health.
  • Full moon – typically seen as a time of great power. That’s why many practitioners do their most important rituals at this time. Some say the full moon is the best time for works of black magic.
    • It is worth noting that police and other emergency services regularly report more extreme behavior around full moon. This has long been recognized – hence the term “lunacy.”
  • Waning moon – best for works of lessening, such as reducing poverty, losing unwanted and annoying people. It’s also good for works of destruction, hexing and cursing.

Some, however, favor the dark of the moon, especially for “black work.” One such is an old contact of mine, the Reverend Gary Fox, an old time Texan voodoo worker. He says:

“Dark of the moon’s when you wanna do the black work. Year or so back I had trouble with some neighbour’s of mine. They kept swarmin’ onto my land like pesky varmints. Tried everything to move ’em out. Even tried dynamitin’ them out. Nothin’ worked. So I did a little black work one midnight at the dark of the moon. And they were out like a mule with a scud missile up its ass.”

I take things a step further and do a lot of my spellcasting at the time of the “Shadow Moon.”

So what is the Shadow Moon?

The Shadow Moon is as an alternate moon to ours, a mirror reflection on the etheric plane – in the unseen realm. The phases of the Shadow Moon are similar to ours, but can only be calculated whilst in spirit trance.

At the time of the Shadow Moon, the air buzzes with sparks of orgone energy on this plane, and so this is when I set out for my ritual area – be it a lonely country crossroads, graveyard or a place of power, such as a stone circle.

Once there, I typically light a small fire and sprinkle a specially prepared concoction of herbs and powders on it. This heady smoke attracts the “otherworlders” and also helps me enter the shimmering realm of the etheric plane, where I whisper incantations to petition the otherworlders to bestow life and animation into my ritual items, such as amulets, talismans and manikins.

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