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Voodoo Bluesman

Doktor Snake (“Doc”) is a swamp voodoo bluesman and legendary root doctor. At live shows you’ll catch him jamming out the blues and telling spooky tales about conjuration, graveyard rituals, pacts with the Devil, and haunts – along with giving sage hoodoo advice to the crowd.

During performances, Doc appears with his trademark Fedora hat, shades, and with a Cuban cigar clenched between his teeth. In his John Lee Hooker meets Willie Nelson drawl, he plays old and new blues/country songs on his old battered acoustic guitar (with back smashed out when it was used to hit someone over the head).

A Bowie knife is wedged under the strings to raise them for Doktor Snake’s speciality – soulful, haunting slide guitar.

In between tunes, Doc tells intriguing stories about his life as a voodoo doctor – how clients have commissioned him to bring back lost lovers, turn preachers gay, conjure up pet dwarfs, sell their souls to Ole Satan, and win crazy dog cash at casinos.

The UK’s leading voodoo practitioner, Doktor Snake learnt the arts of voodoo conjuration from the late Earl Marlowe, a Trinidadian singer and hoodoo doctor who Doc played in a band with during the 1980s. Besides music, the two would perform love spells, money spells and luck spells for people in London and other part of the UK, and later the USA.

These experiences are chronicled in Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook, published by St Martin’s Press. With evocative illustrations by Chris Daunt, this cult classic has been described as “Kick ass voodoo on crack.”

Doktor Snake lives on Crawlin’ Kingsnake Island and always pays heed to his dreams.

Music Videos

ORGASM – Voodoo Chillout – Doktor Snake ORGASM - Voodoo Chillout - Doktor Snake. [[PARENTAL ADVISORY, Explicit content]]. DaClubHouse Mix. Music and video by Doktor Snake, voodoo man and dilettante. Recorded at the Conjure Shack on the Eastside of Paradise.

Ole Moonshiner

Doc in the shotgun shack firin' out da blues....

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