A young woman from Romania, who I’ll call Kelly for privacy reasons, emailed the following to me recently: “My ex boyfriend has now got married and I want him back. Will a voodoo spell return him to me, make him love me, and marry me? And divorce his wife?”

Such requests are common for most voodoo doctors. My response was:

“You may be better advised to bite the bullet, take the pain (which will pass), and move on. After all, your ex probably loves his wife, and you have to consider whether you would really want to break a couple up (put yourself in the wife’s shoes and consider how you would feel).”

The bottom line is: voodoo results magick is a powerful force. And while it is something of a longshot to break up a loving couple, it can potentially reign havoc on a relationship. So it is always good to run and “eco-check” to consider whether you really want disrupt a couple’s happiness.

And in the end, arguably the most positive approach is to look to making your own life happy. Move on, and use a voodoo spell to bring somebody new into your life. Who knows, the new person could turn out to be your ideal soulmate. Fate works in mysterious ways…and a little voodoo results magick can help things along.



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