Unusual situation. Sounds like your neighbors are attention seekers who get a kick out of having sex in their backyard – in full view of everyone.

You’d probably find a call to the cops would get them on a charge of indecent exposure. But I guess they aren’t harming anyone – just rabid exhibitionists. Paying them no mind would likely lead to them getting bored…

…but if it comes to it a bad neighbor removal mojo would see the back of ’em.

It all depends on what you can live with. If your neighbors are quiet and considerate in every other respect, maybe you don’t need to worry about it? Like I say, pay them no mind.

But if they’re are inconsiderate in other respects too, then hit ’em with some voodoo. Send ’em screaming outa there. Run ’em all the way to Iceland, over to Russia, and right up to the top of the Himalayan mountains and leave ’em there to have sex!

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