My set of runes, Elder Futhark. Made from clay. I use them for myself and don’t do readings for others with them. Though on balance, I might in future try finding a few fallen twigs or bits of branch and make up the Futhark as and when I need them out in the countryside. My feeling is that fits with what was actually done in the past, certainly as a general rule. You obviously need a knife to carve them with.

It’s surprisingly hard to do decent carvings. But back in heathen England and Europe, and generally in the past, people would have been a lot handier with knives than we are today. I usually carry a Swiss Army Knife on my belt as they are so useful.

With runes, though, I sometimes get them come through quite powerfully just as I’m waking up. Almost like they’re glowing in my mind. This happened the other morning. Two runes, which I think had definite meaning, and I’m currently working with that.

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