The recession seems to have been going on forever, and the terrible consequences have led to a lot of people losing their jobs, and record numbers of people having crippling debt problems.

To try to get yourself a little bit ahead of the game on this one, it’s worth giving this voodoo spell known as the “High John Money Charm” a go.

You’ll need:

  • High John the Conqueror Root
  • High John the Conqueror Candle
  • Money Magnet Oil

Firstly, choose yourself a paper money bill. It can be any currency of your choice, and as a tip, I would maybe search online for the highest value bill I could find but as a legal copy. So like Monopoly money, but just meant to represent a real currency. Using the highest denomination bill shows that you mean business, and want to attract money into your Life. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this though, you can use a genuine dollar bill, or whatever you have to hand.

Wrap your paper bill around a piece of High John the Conqueror Root, and fasten it with a rubber band, or a piece of string or ribbon so that it won’t come off. It’s a good idea to use a green band or ribbon, as that’s the color of money. Put it in your purse or in a pocket, and carry it with you at all times. Never leave the house without it.

Next, anoint a High John the Conqueror Candle with the Money magnet Oil, remembering to draw the oil towards you – you don’t want that money going flying out of the window!

Burn it each day to supercharge the power of this working. It will help align the universal forces to smile on your monetary needs. Stare at the flickering flame for five to ten minutes each day, remembering to put it out when you are done. While you gaze at the flame, visualize yourself as being comfortably rich, with money coming to you from many avenues. Imagine yourself collecting the mail in the morning and sifting through thirty or more payment checks made out to you. As you do this, roll a small piece of High John the Conqueror Root around in your hands, so that the money luck literally crosses your palms.

If you give this one a try, you will find that it is a very effective voodoo spell to bring all kinds of financial opportunities heading your way.

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