If you’ve lost a piece of jewelery or some other item, the way to find it is with a “jack.” A jack is a pendulum (or it can be a coin charged with numinous energy). My jack (see picture) is made from a branch I found at a crossing of paths in the woods years ago.  It’s hung on a leather cord, and I keep it in a black drawstring bag.

You can easily make one too. You could hang a door key on a cord. Or buy one. Some people use a crystal pendulum.

To find a lost item, the first thing you need to do is get your “yes” and “no” answers set up with the jack. You hold it between your fingers and ask something like: “Is it raining outside?” This would be when the sun is shining and there isn’t a rain cloud in sight.

The jack might swing to the left, anti-clockwise. If so that would be your “no” direction.

Then ask it what your name is. If your name is Julia ask: “Is my name Julia?” Hopefully the jack would swing to the right, clockwise. That would be the “yes” direction.

A “don’t know” might be the jack swinging to and fro, and not circling.

Once this is all in place, you can set about looking for your lost item. You might ask if the lost item is in the house. If you get a “yes” start walking around the house slowly. If the pendulum starts to swing more vigorously, you will be getting closer to the lost item.

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