Let’s go! The Eastside o’ Paradise is on fire today! I got my redesigned Voodoo Dolls ready for prime-time. Always make ’em by hand.

But I needed something that sets the spirits crazy. So when I do a ritual they’ll be rabid to breathe life and power into the manikins.

You can’t rest on your laurels. You gotta keep enticing them spirits to work for you.

The colors of the cloth on the dolls matches a given working, like lover back, money, gambling, hex removal.

I charge ’em up hardcore, like in old graveyards, crossroads, and places of power out in the wilds. I go with what feels right for a given working.

So if you wanna jump on the train, get yo’self a voodoo doll working, whizz me an email, or you got questions, do the same.

Hey, and if you ask real nice, I might be able to do you a deal 😎

All I’m saying is, don’t let the dog jump outta the cart.

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