While you may not wish to be a Shadow Warrior yourself, this technique is very useful for being able to relax and beat stress at will…


The Japanese Ninja (Shadow Warriors) trained themselves to be able to enter a state of calm at will. During Zen Buddhist-style meditation, they conditioned themselves to respond in a different way to 80 different finger interlacing patterns.

Each one would be mentally “anchored” to a given mind state. The practice was called Kuji-Kiri. During a covert mission, the Shadow Warrior would be able to enter any of the 80 anchored mind states at will, simply by interlacing their fingers in a certain way.

While you may not wish to be a Shadow Warrior yourself, this technique is very useful for being able to relax and beat stress at will.

This is what you do:

  • Find somewhere you can sit or lie down comfortably, and not be disturbed. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • Touch your thumb against the middle joint of your index finger. Keep it there throughout the following relaxation exercise. You are consciously trying to create a conditioned response between being relaxed and having your fingers linked. (Note: For our purposes, we will only anchor one finger pattern, so you can relax when you need to, any place, any time).
  • Now focus your attention on your arms and mentally say “arms relaxed.” Then take your attention to your head and neck and internally say “head and neck relaxed.” Do the same with your chest, abdomen, hips, legs and feet. Imagine your whole body bathed in warm waves of relaxation.
  • Consciously make a mental and physical connection between the state of relaxation and the touching of your thumb to your index finger middle joint.
  • Take ten minutes or longer over this exercise, longer if you’ve got time. When you are finished, simply bring your attention to the room around you, stretch and get up.

After about a week of this practice, you will find that by touching your thumb against the first joint of your index finger, you will relax almost immediately, wherever you are, and whatever the circumstances.

If you get into any type of confrontation – such as a heated row with your partner or ex-partner, or with a boss at work – you’ll be able to calm yourself down before you say anything you may regret later.

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