With all of this sweltering weather we’ve been having, and it seems to be affecting countries where it is a totally unknown phenomenon, it’s no wonder tempers are starting to fray at the edges.

Bring on the Peace Water! So many people acknowledge the healing powers of water, such as:

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” – Loren Eiseley

“Empty your mind – be formless, shapeless, like water.” – Bruce Lee

“Be very careful to retain peace of heart, because Satan casts his lines in troubled waters.” – Paul of the Cross

And that’s without the obvious contribution of Simon & Garfunkels’ “Bridge over troubled waters” song.

Everyone knows that water calms the spirits and cleanses away negativity and disharmony.

So without further ado, let’s get down to making some liquid magick….

Whether you have quarrelsome teens in the house, arguments with a next door neighbor, whatever … This is your solution (no pun intended).

To make this yourself, you will need

  • 3 parts spring water (bottled is fine).
  • Blue food coloring.
  • 1 part infused carrier oil – jojoba is a good choice, to which you have added either some shredded peppermint leaves and some lavender buds, or the equivalent in essential oils.
  • 2 parts Florida water.
  • Glass bottle (normally I would use colored glass, but as you want to see the separate layers, on this occasion I would use clear glass).

There are some who will tell you that you can’t use blue food coloring, and that it has to be done with indigo, but that’s hogwash (which I wouldn’t recommend you use to do any kind of cleansing work).

Add the food coloring to the spring water and mix it nicely, then pour it into your bottle.

Next, add the infused oil mixture, and finally top up with the Florida water. If you are having particularly heavy arguments, you can always substitute Kananga water, which is the souped up version of Florida water.

This should leave you with a pretty little bottle with 3 clearly defined layers. All you need to do after this is to charge it using your preferred method.

You can use it to anoint items such as door handles to bring general harmony to your home, and it can also be used in a spray, or added to floorwash.

All in all, this is one of the best things to keep stocked up on, as even when the weather cools down, tempers don’t necessarily follow suit!

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