If there is one particular person that you’ve got your eye on, this voodoo spell will help you attract them into your Life. If it is meant to be, the spell will bind you together with the one you love.

Now firstly, let’s start by saying that just because you feel that you need to be with this person, sometimes the spirits have a different plan for you, so be prepared that if this is the case, no amount of spellwork will make it happen.

That said, if you work with the best of intentions, it is guaranteed to give you the best chance of getting together…

For this reason, I would say when you ask the spirits for their help, be sure to say something like: “I ask for your help to bring (their name) into my life in a loving relationship, or someone better”.

This way, the spirits know that you are open to accepting their guidance, rather than trying to force them to do something against their will, and they will appreciate you for this. They really don’t take too kindly to folk trying to tell them what their job is …

Also, it’s worth bearing in mind to try to focus on YOURSELF, not the other person. This may sound crazy, but believe me, when you work on keeping yourself happy, you instantly become more attractive to the other person. So get yourself out there with a confident attitude, even if that takes a lot of working on.

Now, assuming you’ve taken all of that on board, let the magick begin!

You will need…

  • A small fireproof container or tin (you can use an ashtray if that is all you have to hand)
  • A red pen or some Dove’s Blood ink
  • A small square of paper or parchment
  • 4 pink candles
  • A small piece of rose quartz
  • Some natural wood firelighters (we’ve found these work really well; they’re also known as homefire twizlers or flamers, and we got ours from a discount store)

It is best to do this spell at night time. Start by clearing your space and casting your circle.

Now place the tin in the centre of your circle, and place a pink candle at each “corner” as it were, so your tin sits within a square of candles.

Light the candles, place the wood firelighter in the tin and light that too.

Draw a heart on the paper or parchment using the red pen or Dove’s Blood ink, and inside the heart write the name of the person you wish to attract.

Hold the rose quartz in you left hand (the left hand is the “receiving” hand), and concentrate on the person of your affections. Imagine the energy as a beam of pink light flowing from your heart, through your arm and down into the quartz.

Kiss the piece of parchment three times, whilst asking the spirits to help you with your working…

And then place the paper into the flames and allow it to burn to ashes.

When you feel that your working is complete, gather the ashes and cast them to the wind. The quartz is now charged with pure love energy. It is best to wear it if you can put it on a chain or cord, or if not, keep it in your pocket for at least thirty days or until your magick gets a result.

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