Her husband was addicted to sex and was unfaithful to her all the time, but a penis-jinxer voodoo spell put a stop to his cheating ways… 

We’ll call her Anne. She was distraught by her husband continually going with other women. His addiction to sex meant he just couldn’t stop himself. But it was destroying their marriage, not to mention causing Anne a huge amount of emotional distress.

She emailed me saying:

“Is there anything you can do with your voodoo? My husband cheats on me on a weekly basis, it’s so painful. Oh he comes back to me with lots of apologies and promises that he’ll never do it again…but he always does. He’s a sex addict.”

I suggested, as a first move, her relationship with her husband might benefit from a voodoo spell to stop him cheating on her.

The spell involves charging up a voodoo doll during ritual, along with making bespoke anointing oils, which are used to “dress” the doll. The whole thing is geared to stop a partner being unfaithful to you.

I also have a penis jinxer spell, which, as the name suggests, makes a man unable to get aroused by anyone else but you.

When I mentioned this to Anne, she jumped at it: “That’s what I need! Do it for me, Doktor Snake!”

In a case like Anne’s there’s a case for directly targeting the problem – i.e. the guy’s manhood.

The voodoo penis jinxer spell isn’t on my website. I tend to keep it in reserve for the more extreme cases, such as Anne’s.

Anyway, the upshot of Anne’s case was the penis-jinxer spell worked. It took a while, and two recasts, which I don’t charge any extra for. But her husband gradually started to lose interest in other women and was paying a lot more attention to Anne.

Eventually, he became 100% faithful to her.

This is what Anne said:

“Now he really seems to value our relationship, like he understands the hurt he cause and is doing all he can to make amends. I’m so happy. I can’t believe that a voodoo spell could turn things around for me. But it did. I can’t thank you enough.”

Sometimes it takes a while. But it’s great when things work out and a happy relationship is restored.

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