If it feels like everything is going wrong in your Life and you suspect it may be down to jealous enemies sending bad luck your way, try this powerful voodoo ritual and just watch your problems go up in smoke!

You’ll need four squares of red paper, four metal plates or saucers and some sulfur (also known as “brimstone”, available from botanicas).

Put one of the paper squares on each plate, place a pinch of sulfur on each square, and then set a plate in each corner of your main room.

At midnight, open your windows to allow the bad luck to leave the house. Light the sulfur on each plate, and say the following:

“You, Grand Bois, You, Carrafour, You, Baron Cemetiere, You, Damballah, In your all powerful names I have invoked with this offering, I command evil demons and hexes to flee this dwelling, never to return!”

Leave the sulfur to burn down, gather together the ashes of the sulfur and paper, seal them in a package (an envelope is fine), and then throw it away-ideally into running water or some woods or bury it in open ground a few miles away from your home.

Do this, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will be protected from even the most heavy duty bad work that is thrown at you.

An added bonus of this ritual is that having cast out the bad luck, you make room for the GOOD luck to flow into your Life … And it WILL …

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