Numerology is an ancient method of using numbers to reveal your character and likely path in life. It can also uncover your inner nature. But today we’ll look at your outer nature – your personality and discover how others see you.

Before we do that, we’ll need to calculate your number from your name. This will be your overall numerology number, the one that describes your character in general. From there we can analyse your personality number. We’ll use the more traditional “Hebrew System” of numerology to do this.

Using the chart below, write down the number that corresponds with each letter of your full name. (Only include a middle name if most people know you by it, otherwise leave out middle names).

Hebrew System of Numerology

So if your name happens to be Julia Baker, you will get this (do the same for your own name):

Now add the numbers together. In our “Julia Baker” example, we get this:

Lastly (using the numbers from your own name) add the resulting digits together. In the case of “Julia Baker” we get this:

Thus “Julia Baker’s” overall numerology number is six. And the number of your name will be one digit too.

I’ll shortly go through the meanings of the numbers. That way, besides assessing your personality and how people see you, you will also get an idea of what your overall character is from the number associated with your name.

Okay. Now that you’ve calculated your overall numerology number from your name, we’ll look at getting your personality number.

To get your personality number you add up the consonants in your name. Thus if your name is “Julia Baker” you will get the following.

Now add the 1 and 0 together like this:

So in the case of “Julia Baker”, her personality number is one.

This means people would perceive her as as a positive, powerful and sometimes dominating personality.

But how about you? What personality number did you get?

Well, keep your personality number in mind as we’ll now go through the meanings of each number so you can see how others perceive you, and get an insight into the meaning of your personality number.

ONE: People will perceive you as a very positive and ambitious person, though also someone who can be forceful and aggressive. Equally, you will be considered pioneering and self-reliant, but sometimes authoritative and domineering. That said, you will generally be kind and generous, although this can be skewed mostly to those who go along with what you want. And if opposed you can become bad tempered and will do whatever it takes to get your way, which is not a trait that goes down well with others. But you are driven and determined and these traits do tend to attract people.

TWO: Twos tend to have the opposite characteristics to ones. People will generally see you as making a good subordinate rather than a leader. They’ll see you as obliging and willing to take orders, not o mention being quiet, helpful, gentle and generally self-effacing. Most will consider you sweet-natured and sympathetic – in other words, somebody they can confide in. That said, some people might see all this as something of a mask and note that, on occasion, you sometimes display a malicious and deceitful streak. But overall, you’ll be seen as somebody that can be relied upon and trusted.

THREE: You are generally seen as charming and lively with a sparkling personality – the life and soul of the party. People will generally describe you as somebody who “always falls on their feet” and is typically lucky in life. You’ll also be perceived as an individual to whom money comes easily – along with being considered talkative and outgoing, not to mention fortunate in love (even if you do tend to move from one relationship to another). Some might recognise that your weakness is the need for approval from others, and also that you tend to lack focus. Overall, you’ll be seen as having a happy outgoing personality, though somewhat prone to showing off.

FOUR: You’ll be seen as a solid and dependable character, but a little uninspired, and also cautious and conservative in outlook. You’ll be valued for being hardworking and conventional – both traits that will be viewed as dependable. Some might unkindly dismiss you as being a “plodder”. But others will see this as a virtue, in the sense that you excel at organisation and administration. Although calm and composed on the surface, you have the potential for sudden outbursts of anger and indigation. But this is down to you often “bottling things up” under the veneer of going along with what others want. On balance, people will recognise your dependability and value you for it.

FIVE: People will see you as clever, energetic and lively, but prone to being impulsive, erratic and irresponsible on occasion. They’ll be drawn to you for your innate optimism and versatility. Some will consider you boastful and note your quick temper. While others will consider you to be clever, resilient and bouncy. Your love life will tend towards the colourful, which some will approve of and others wont. But on balance your sheer energy will attract people to you.

SIX: You’ll be seen as well-balanced, warm and reliable, but sometimes prone to being gossipy and narrow-minded. Although some might see you as unexciting, others will value you for your loyalty and kindness. With your interests focused on home, family and friends, many close to you will see you as dependable and somebody they can rely on. As you dislike rows and conflict, you’ll be viewed as a peacemaker, especially in your family circle. With a general lack of acumen for business, you are unlikely to be involved in commerce circles. Most of your social life will be centred around the home.

SEVEN: People will see you as a bit of a recluse – happier to retreat from the world into the privacy of your own reflections. Equally, they’ll perceive you as intelligent and something of a philosopher. Generally reserved, you’ll be viewed as serious and self-controlled. Some however may consider you aloof and prone to sarcasm. On balance though, people will see you as somebody with profound ideas, though you may not always be good at getting them across.

EIGHT: People will see you as somebody who is always on the go, be it in terms of making money or pursuing your interests. Eights are generally successful in the world, often in business or even politics. But they also have the capacity for failure. On the occasions you o fail, however, people will see you as determined and somebody who doesn’t give up easily, and not least, picks themselves up and tries again. You might also be viewed as rebellious and sometimes even eccentric.

NINE: You’ll be seen as high-minded, visionary and passionate, along with being somebody with a strong sense of duty to others. Many will admire your sheer energy, while others may see you as being overly emotional. Due to your tendency for being wild and impractical you’ll find there are occasions when people throw up their hands in frustration, saying things like “why can’t you be more down to earth.” And what with you always falling in and out of love, you’re likely to break a few hearts along the way.

Okay, so that’s how numerology reveals how others see you. Let me know in the comments what you got for your personality number and whether you think it fits the way others see you.

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