If you dream of becoming a famous rock or blues guitar player, respected for your speed and musicianship, you need to make a pact with Satan. My old voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe (featured in my Voodoo Spellbook), didn’t mince words on the subject. He said: “No doubt about it, you have to make a pact with Mr. D, sell your soul to Satan. It’s the Devil’s music, see. Any musicianeer tell you otherwise is a scared-ass pussy.”

Earl laid it down according to the lore of the hoodoos and old time bluesmen from the American South.

Earl Marlowe was a great blues and world music singer himself and I used to back him on guitar for many years. Earl was originally from the West Indies, and so he also did calypso and reggae in his set. He’d hit down on his tambourine and whip up a beat with his shakers. Used to get the crowds going. It was down-home, deep blues swamp music.

One time, after a gig in Bristol, we went back to the squat we were staying at, and Earl related how you go about making a pact with Satan. This is what he said:

“You want fame and musicianer skill – like to be a famous rock or blues guitarist – you gotta hook up with Satan. Ain’t no avoidin’ it. They all done it. Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Peetie Wheatstraw, and some that you’d know the names of today. Big rock and blues guitar players. To make a pact with the Devil, go to an old deserted churchyard at midnight. Take a Bible and some wormwood with you. Then draw a circle about six foot in diameter. Use a branch to draw it. Inside the circle draw a big XX, double crosses. Divide up your wormwood so you holding half in each o’ your hands. Throw the right handful up to the heavens, and the left handful down to the earth. The repeat the Lords Prayer backwards. [See: Matthew 6:9 to 13]. When you done that the pact is made. Your desires will be met by Satan himself and his dark forces. But only for the next seven years. After that it will be up to Satan to demand his payment – whatever it is he wants from you. When you leave the graveyard make sure you leave your Bible at the church door. Ole Satan don’t like you takin’ the holy book home with you. He likes God to know that another soul has become his.”

Here’s the Lord’s Prayer written backwards:

.nemA .reve rof dna won
sruoy era yrolg eht dna ,rewop eht ,modgnik eht roF.live morf su reviled dna
lairt fo emit eht morf su evaS
.su tsniaga nis ohw esoht evigrof ew sa
snis ruo su evigroF
.daerb yliad ruo yadot su eviG
.nevaeh ni sa htrae no
,enod eb lliw ruoy
,emoc modgnik ruoy
,eman ruoy eb dewollah
,nevaeh ni rehtaF ruO

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