Back in the late 1980/early 90s, Earl Marlowe – my voodoo mentor featured in my Voodoo Spellbook – and I used to spend a lot of time in the USA, usually in the South, and mostly on business, be it voodoo or playing live dates.

One time, we were in a bar in Louisiana, drinking rum with the Reverend Gary Fox, a voodoo doctor working out of Texas. Like Earl and I, the Rev. Fox was also a blues musician.

He was telling us how he had been hired by a wealthy and powerful guy looking to get into national politics.

Rev. Fox told the guy: “If you wants real power – real evil power – you got to talk to the Devil his-self.”

Apparently the guy didn’t even flinch. He just said: “I’ll do whatever needs to be done.”

So Rev. Fox told him what a Faustian deal entails. This is what he said to the guy:

“You need to go to the cemetery at the stroke o’ midnight. Say the Lord’s Prayer backwards. When the Devil come you denounce the world and all that is good. And tell Satan that you want to control his evil spirits too. You gotta tell him that you will give up everything for him. You gotta pray to him for six whole nights to convince him you is on his side. Otherwise he might think you ain’t serious about the undertaking.

That ain’t all. You gotta keep every promise you makes to the Devil. Fact is, he’ll come after you if you ever goes back on your word. See, when you enter the service of the Devil, he puts a mark on your head, behind your earlobe where it cain’t be seen. I’ve seen this wid my own eyes.

From then on, you is the Devil’s. He owns you. But you can control his spirits. You is blessed by the Devil and you is one o’ his agents on earth. That’s the way it is. All they doctors in the South tell you that.”

According to Rev. Fox, when he told the guy all this, he just nodded and said: “How much will it cost?”

Rev. Fox quoted his usual fee for work of this nature – $100,000 in cash, up front…

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