Over the years I’ve had politicians of various hues come to me for a voodoo consultation to help them win elections. Typically they’re looking for a discreet voodoo service that will empower them and bring them the much needed mojo to win a political campaign, be it local or national.

It’s about gaining the voodoo edge. And this involves heightening charisma and increasing luck – bringing politicians the advantage of being in the right place at the right time more often.

A typical voodoo election working would also look to decrease unfortunate gaffs which many politicians seem to be prone to.

Naturally, I can’t name any of the politicians that have come to me for voodoo help. But I can say that in recent years I have personally taken three politicians to the graveyard to cast a voodoo spell and leave offerings and thanks to the spirits – in particular the powerful and tricky Graveyard Snake.

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