A few months back a woman called Charlotte emailed asking about love spells. She’d got her heart set on a guy called Dave. She wanted to turn a casual relationship into a serious one.

“What are your most powerful voodoo love spells?” she asked. “I want total commitment from Dave and in the long term I want us to be married.”

With such a tall order, there was nothing for it but to delve into my conjure doctor’s bag and root out my most powerful voodoo love spells.

What I came up with was my Starfire Love Seal ritual, which is a shudderingly powerful voodoo love spell. It involves making a voodoo doll representing Erzulie, the goddess of love in voodoo. Also part of the ritual is the composition of a parchment letter to Erzulie, which also has symbols on it from “unknown tongues,” the language of the spirits.

“Star Fire” refers to an alchemical substance – channeled via the etheric plane – which was first utilized long ago by conjure doctors to infuse their workings with tremendous power. In this case, Starfire is harnessed to bring commitment, lasting love, and sexual passion from the person most special to you. It also binds them to you.

This is how I performed the Star Fire love spell for Charlotte:

I went to a place of power not far from me. There I called upon Erzulie, imploring her to grant Charlotte’s wish. This was easily within the deity’s power. But she has to be coaxed and cajoled. Hence a parchment letter has to be written to her during the ritual.

Once the ritual work was done, I sent the voodoo doll, parchment letter and a number of other items over to Charlotte, with instructions on how she could personalize and add power to the rite.

Charlotte tells me things are starting to get serious with Dave. “I didn’t expect the spell to work this fast,” she told me. “There’s still a way to go before the subject of marriage is likely to be raised. But things are definitely moving in the right direction. And for once in his life, Dave is showing real commitment.”

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