There’s an old legend from Japan concerning Prince Hiromasa (918-980), which is reminiscent of the European and American South stories about meeting Satan at a lonely crossroads. Prince Hiromasa was walking one moonlit night at Suzaku Gate in Kyoto. He was playing the flute while he walked. Then he heard another flute harmonizing with his. The Prince searched out the player and found him in the upper story of the gate. Having exchanged flutes, the two played music together right through the night.

Later the prince discovered that his companion had been the devil in human form…

This story echoes the old hoodoo legends from the American South about selling your soul to the devil for fame and guitar expertise. You go to a deserted crossroads and play your guitar, waiting for the devil to come. Eventually you will hear a guitar harmonizing with yours in the distance. You exchange guitars with the devil…and play through the night…

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