Do New World Order globalists plan on assassinating Meghan Markle as a distraction strategy to keep Britain in the European Union?

Is Meghan Markle – who will marry Prince Harry on May 19th, 2018 – a sacrificial lamb doomed to die? Are New World Order (NWO) globalists plotting to assassinate her in a bid to distract the public and manipulate opinion so that Britain remains in the EU?

The assassination of Meghan Markle was a terrible event I saw whilst in deep trance exploring alternate realities, which may or may not come to pass in our world. The potentialities are there; it’s just down to whether things pan out that way. Sometimes they do; sometimes they don’t.

If the idea of the New World Order is taken as a reality (or at least some extent of the nefarious globalist cabal is taken as real), then there is a possibility that the NWO is plotting to assassinate Meghan Markle.

Why would they do this?

A big part of the reported globalists’ agenda involves the European Union and the creation of world government, which would be of a controlling fascist nature (very much the way our government systems are going now with all their rules and regulations and media manipulation).

But with Britain voting to leave the EU in June 2016, their plans were thwarted somewhat. Since then there has been a huge amount of anti-Brexit propaganda and slow-stepping from the UK government – to the point that it’s hard to believe that Britain is really going to leave the EU. You presume it will as that is what the British public voted for. But it’s difficult to feel confident that it actually will happen. There’s a feeling that the “wool” is being pulled over our eyes.

If the NWO really exists, would it go as far as assassinating Meghan Markle?

Well, in my out-of-body visionary trance, I saw the following scenario:

In the not-too-distant future the British government announce that a deal has been struck to leave the EU. But it proves to be a “soft Brexit” and leads to pro-Brexit supporters becoming irate. The more extreme elements protesting in disgust at what they see as betrayal by the British government.

Recognising that social unrest and possible rebellion would destabilise the country, the NWO globalists step in from behind the scenes to carry out their plan of keeping Britain in the EU by “demonizing” the pro-Brexit side.

Having already set up a number of “patsies” (using drugs and brainwashing techniques), they organise the assassination of Meghan Markle sending many Britons into a massive public display of grief, similar to what happened with the death of Princess Diana (which conspiracy theorists contend was an assassination).

The assassin would be previously set up to be a far right extremist – a racist who writes diatribes on social media about the British monarchy being “soiled” by the non-white gene pool, etc, due to Meghan Markle being part African American and set to marry Prince Harry.

The assassination completely buries the “soft Brexit” story in the media and distracts the British public. After that the media is encouraged to run stories saying “this is what you get with Brexit.” Thus distorting the truth to make all pro-Brexit supporters appear to be racialist… which obviously is not the empirical truth. But it would suit the purpose of the NWO to totally slander Brexit supporters and potentially nullify the Brexit vote, or lead to a second referendum with an overwhelming pro-EU win.

My personal stance on the EU – and governing bodies in general – is simple: I’m only interested in freedom. This entails far, far less rules and regulations, and being at liberty to move about in the world as you choose, and do whatever you want so long as it doesn’t harm anybody else.

And when it comes to nationalism, I don’t consider anybody to be British, African, Asian, American, or whatever; you were simply born in a country. In reality you are a spiritual being that has the potential to be free and achieve your full potential on this earth. There are no boundaries except those created by our own minds – and boundaries created by governments and big corporations to manipulate you into being controlled and docile (distracted) and buying more and more stuff.

So if there is a genuine New World Order, then I’m opposed to it as it takes away freedom.

As to the alleged globalist conspiracy, it’s hard to be certain about it, as it is mostly speculation, with no hard evidence. Certainly there are “plots” by the big money powers to manipulate people into accepting ever increasing controls over our lives, along with modelling citizens to become perfect consumers, buying things that aren’t really needed, and increasing profits for big corporations.

And if my visionary experience has credence, then it would mean the British Royal Family (or certain members of it) tacitly agreed to the alleged assassination of Princess Diana and wouldn’t be above a potential assassination of Meghan Markle.

Equally (as we don’t have hard evidence), it could be that the Royal Family are decent enough people caught up in the legacy (albeit a flawed one) of monarchy, which has always been about repressing the people to retain land and wealth – which originally was taken by force.

But with visionary experiences that involve future events, they aren’t written in stone. It’s more about seeing the potentialities in alternate worlds. Some potentialities come to pass, others don’t. Or perhaps they do in parallel universes, of which there are a multitude.

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