As each day passes we are hit with ever greater threats to our welfare, from pandemics, and economic collapse to potential war. The key is to maintain a positive mental attitude.

Things are getting worse by the day. We’ve got a pandemic on our hands. This could lead to economic collapse and very difficult times.

Will the government help you if you lose your job? Maybe. But it doesn’t have a bottomless wallet.

Fact is if you’re in the hospitality business, self-employed or freelance, you’ve probably already had your livelihood taken away in one fell swoop. It’s gone.

This could happen to nearly all of us. It might just be a matter of time.

And this is leaving catching the damn Coronavirus out of the equation.

Some are even talking about war – be it with Iran or China. There may or may not be some truth in that. But it could be a possibility.

All ways round, we are sitting ducks for everything that is going on right now. We could contract the virus, and that’s bad enough. But equally, at any moment, we can have our livelihoods decimated. And if there’s an economic collapse down the line, God only knows what we’ll do.

You might have stockpiled food and guns. But that only buys you time before the world goes all out Mad Max.

So what can you do?

Well, number one, when it comes to the Coronavirus, unless you’ve got underlying health conditions, it might be better not to buy into the hype. The reality is normal flu viruses kill more people. But with COVID-19 it’s cycle hasn’t yet been documented. Thus governments freaked out due to the effect an unknown quantity could have on nations’ economies. Hence all the disruption we are seeing over much of the world.

If too many people get sick, hospitals can’t cope – and with a lot of people off work, more than is normal, you get economic breakdown.

So the idea was to contain and then manage the spread of Coronavirus. But now it’s out in the wild pretty much everywhere. So we are seeing bars, gyms, hotels, stores and so on shutting down. And we are being asked to stay home and keep our distance from people.

Nevertheless, the fact is COVID-19 isn’t that serious. It can be. But so can flu and lots of other viruses.

So to my mind, your best bet is to develop a positive attitude…

A lot of people now are living in dread of catching Coronavirus. And this becomes pathological. Like the panic buying – that’s born of fear that society will break down and we’ll be in a full-blown disaster movie.

But if we maintain a positive mental attitude and look at the facts, we will be better able to calm down and continue to enjoy life.

And if we do run into trouble financially as a result of many businesses shutting down or folding altogether, with a positive mental attitude, we’ll accept the challenge and find a way to survive, or even prosper.

So I’d say keeping positive is critical. After all, the alternative is giving in to fear and giving up altogether.

So how do you develop a positive mental attitude?

Well the best way is to work on it everyday. There are endless methods you can use. But simply going into a relaxed state and repeating a chant (or affirmation) is a good way to begin. You can do this morning or evening, or both. But if you do it in the morning you will be set up for the day. This is what you do:

» Pick a time where you won’t be disturbed. And either lie down or sit in an armchair.

»Take a few deep breaths and feel your body relaxing. Let the thoughts of the day subside and go quiet.

» Now repeat the following outloud or internally:

“I will be safe and protected from harm of all kinds each and everyday. And I will keep an optimistic and positive attitude in all that I do.”

» Do this for a few minutes. Then visualize a golden sphere of protective light surrounding you. See it getting brighter and brighter and imagine it keeping all negativity away from you.

» Once you are done, simply take a few more deep breaths and go about your day.

Remember, the idea behind this is simply to keep you calm and to maintain optimism despite all that is going on around us. Obviously don’t take unnecessary risks and take sensible precautions to keep safe.

On balance, things are likely to work out over time. But there is very likely going to be an economic reckoning. And things may be hard for a while. Taxes will likely rise and we’ll have less money in our pockets. But by keeping yourself positive you are more likely to ride through all this and come out on top.

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