A very powerful way to get answers to questions that can’t easily be answered by conventional means is to use an old voodoo method of divination, from the American South, called the Red Finger Jack…

The Red Finger Jack consists of a piece of red cloth, shaped like a severed finger. You fill the cloth with black dirt from the graveyard – gathered at midnight on full moon.

When you’ve dug up the graveyard dirt you must leave a libation of Caribbean rum as an offering to the Graveyard Snake. DO NOT omit to do this otherwise you will earn the wrath of this powerful, but vengeful spirit that lives in the graveyard.

Next mix the graveyard dirt with ground up coal, then slip a silver dime (or old sixpence if you’re in Britain) in the middle and wrap it together in the red cloth. Secure the cloth with black cord. Leave about a foot of cord spare so the Red Finger Jack can swing freely on the cord when you hold it in your hand.

When hung on the cord the Red Finger Jack will revolve around and around if the answer to a question you’ve asked is favorable.

I often use the Red Finger Jack when traveling, partly because it is so portable, and partly because it will guide you if you ever get lost.

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