Yesterday, I did a post about Dr. Eleanor Tams who blogs as Quiet Riot Girl. I ain’t gotta personal beef with her, just she’s hardcore dissing UK authors Paul Burston and Mark Simpson – and journalist Suzanne Moore…for no good reason. They ain’t the enemy, they’re all good people fighting the cause of freedom and often defending the oppressed.

But watch out, things are getting wildly out of control now. Prof. Crow has sobered up enough to give a semi-coherent comment (all civilized people better take cover)… Here’s what he said:

“Wat this I hear about a friend of yours who’s been cussed and dissed by a sister who ain’t even got the goddamn guts to do it to his face! An’ all bein’ secretive and hiding an such. I hate bullies and this one seems to be a goddamn yellow bellied one too.

Now ya gone and said that this sister is some kind of Internet troll? Wha’ fuck is that? I thought that trolls were some big hairy dumb creature that were in places so cold only stupid white folk would live in? Well this broad sounds like she is big dumb and hairy too! So maybe she is a troll after all.

Now I jus’ don’t care what someone does in bed. Jus’ as long as ya are gettin’ good action da way ya like it. So I jus’ wonder whether this sister is just jealous because no one wanna her give her a booty call!

So here’s what I am gonna do: If this sister is gonna act like some ole time backwoods gossip then I’m gonna treat her like one an lay an ole time trick I know.

What that sister don’t understand tho’ is she may be hiding her real name, but we got the words she wrote. Her words. Now that gives us power over her.

I’m gonna go down to my butchers and get a big ole cow’s tongue. Slit that tongue all the way down and put ’em words that she wrote on a bit of brown paper in it. I’ll then sprinkle it with pepper, chillies an’ vinegar before I sew that tongue up with thorns.

I’ll lay my swamp mojo over it and ask da spirits to still her goddamn tongue and for all the slander and shit that he has dished out to be thrown back at her. May the spirits silence her goddamn mouth.”

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