Ex girlfriend laid a curse on a rapper and stalled his rise to fame in the grime scene…

A guy who I’ll call Killa Dawg, an upcoming rap star, was pushing hard to break his act into the big time. He was a good rhymer and he’d got a distinctive grime sound.

Problem was, his ex girlfriend had it in for him, and really did not want to see him become famous.

When one deal after another fell through Killa Dawg began to think something was wrong.

He told me:

“I think she’s put bad voodoo on me. I know she got connections in the occult field, and I know she’ll do anything to bring me down.”

I said that even just the bad vibes is enough to undermine your positivity. You just can’t afford that in your life when you working to build success.

Killa Dawg wanted me to lay a heavy hex on her to stop her in her tracks.

I said: “We could do that. But in the end it is better if the person finds happiness.”

Killa Dawg went: “Whaaaaat!!!??? She’s bringing me down and you want her to be happy?!”

“Think about it,” I said. “If somebody wishes you ill, and hits you with a voodoo hex, they’re pretty bitter. But if they find happiness and positivity in their lives, they’re going to forget all about you and never pose a problem again.”

And that’s true.

Crazy though it sounds, if you “hex” an ill-wisher with happiness they will be gone for good. There’s no longer a reason for them to feel bitter. Their whole mindstate will be in positive mode and they’ll be looking to living their life and having fun – rather than taking their misery out on you.

Anyway, that’s what Killa Dawg and I did. Rather that hit his ex with a voodoo hex, I fixed up a working to bring good things to his ex.

And in truth, Killa Dawg had given her good cause to be bitter as he’d been running around with a lot of other women while they were together. So it didn’t hurt to project some good vibes her way.

Next thing you know, a few weeks after we did the working, his ex met somebody else, and there were no more bad vibes or bad work unleashed on Killa Dawg. And his career duly went on the up with radio plays and bookings.

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