Crystal Ball Readings

crystal readings

By scrying into her crystal ball, Pip de Belfry can help you see the future and a way forwards...

I'm Pip de Belfry, Doktor Snake's trusted crystal ball reader. If you need caring and intuitive insight into what is going on in your life, I can help. My crystal ball readings can help you in matters of love, money, luck, spiritual issues, hex removal, family concerns, and more. Whatever your difficulties, I will use my psychic and intuitive abilities to help you solve them.

At the witching hour, I prepare my table with candles and incense, and I peer into my crystal ball to see what the future holds for you, and what insights I can bring to your situation. In many instances, a little help and guidance is all you need to see things more clearly, and remove any obstacles that are standing in your way for happiness or having your wishes in life fulfilled.

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