If your lover has done gone left you for somebody else, and you want ’em back, this secret voodoo formula will split up the new relationship and bring your ex running back to you like iron filings to a magnet…

This so powerful I would consider very carefully whether you really want that love-rat back. It ain’t likely their behavior will change in the long run. And you’ll find yourself stuck with the jerk as surely as if you had used old Elmer’s glue.

This potent formula comes to us courtesy of Marie Laveau, the legendary New Orleans voodoo queen (1794-1881), who regularly helped people return errant lovers, husbands and wives.

The first step is to clear the ground by breaking up the new relationship embarked upon by your lost love. This is how you go about it:

♠ Take a blue candle, and cut seven equally spaced notches into it. Burn the candle down by one notch every night for seven nights. Each time you light the candle, say the following invocation: “Liba, help me! Dani, help me!” (Liba is the secret name for St. Peter, Dani for St. Michael)

♠ Next, write your name, your lost lover’s name and the name of your love rival (the person that you ex-lover is now with) on separate pieces of paper.

♠ Now fill a saucer with vinegar and sprinkle some salt and pepper into it. If you can, I would suggest using apple cider vinegar, as it is a more natural form, and if it is organic, so much the better as it has no impure outside ingredients in it. Drop the piece of paper with your rival’s name on it into the mixture. Picture the acid in the vinegar irritating their skin, and the salt and pepper only adding to their discomfort. They will have an intolerable itching that no scratching will relieve, much like the effect of poison ivy.

♠ When you have done this, fill another saucer with brandy. Take a match and carefully set the brandy alight. We don’t want any accidents here! As the blue flames flicker, drop the other two pieces of paper-the ones with your name and that of your lost lover on them, into the flames. As the scraps of paper burn and the ashes mingle together, so will the passions of you and your ex-lover. You will both once again be re-united in the pure fire of love.

♠ Keep the name of your rival soaking on the vinegar for seven days. Soon your ex-lover’s new relationship will turn bad. The irritation caused by the vinegar will have them quarrelling and at each other’s throats. Break up will now be inevitable, and thus the ground will be cleared for your lover to come back to you.

If you want to make this working even more powerful, you can do the following and spice it up a little:

  • Write the names of your ex and their new partner again on separate pieces of paper.
  • Core an apple and insert the scraps of paper into the hollow.
  • Go to where your ex is living, and if possible, hide the apple in the house. Alternatively, hide the apple in the garden or somewhere close to the property.
  • As the apple shrivels and rots, just as surely will the love between your ex and your rival.
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