Old time hoodoo doctors saw Satan as the “greatest conjure man ever” and this was why they’d make a deal with the Devil to add power to their spellcasting…

My voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe (featured in my Voodoo Spellbook) said early in our association together that he had no fear of the dark arts or conversing with demons – or even with Satan himself.  For him, it added huge power to the table when it came to casting voodoo spells.

Earl said:

“Us voodoo workers, we the friends of Satan himself. That’s ’cause he was the greatest conjure man this world has ever known. You read the Bible with the double sight and you see the hidden message that I’m talkin’ about. It tell you that Satan look out for conjure men, help ‘em in their work.”

Earl had no fear of the dark side, saying, “I ain’t afraid when the Devil rise up outta hell. He ain’t no problem. He always open to a deal. You just gotta know how to bargain with him. But if you don’t do it right, he’ll take your soul right on down to hell.”

He also advised that I shouldn’t fear the Devil either, adding that: “I knows you ain’t afraid of Satan ’cause you seen him rise from hell yourself when you were a kid – in your backyard when you said the Lord’s Prayer backward, like that old churchman at your school told you to.”

Earl was referring to the headmaster at my primary school near London, who, though closely aligned with the church, was also an expert in folklore, myth and magick. When I told Earl about it, he was convinced that headmaster had dealings with Satan – that he was “a conjure man, but didn’t know it.”

Earl also said that, “Your path was set there and then. It was written in stone you would meet me. Satan himself saw to it. Like I say, he the friend of conjurers. That the way it works.”

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