Prof. Crow emailed the other day with a message about conjuring demon lovers, the incubus and succubus. Here’s what he said:

Bored with your current squeeze? Tired of routine sex? Wanna lover who ain’t never gonna stop?

Prof’s gonna show you how to summon a demon who’s gonna fuck your brains out.

Yup, the top, top secrets of how to have mind blowing sex with the sexiest hellbrood you ever gonna imagine. That’s right. Folk have been summoning insatiable demon lovers for thousands of years to take them to unspeakable pleasure.

For only $66.6 ole Prof will tell ya how to make that satanic booty call. How to call ’em up and send ’em back. Whatta ask for and want to expect.

So get some hell demon action. They don’t want no wining. They don’t want no dining. They don’t want your cellphone number or even want to know your name. All they want to is pound your pink ass into a mound of jelly. Over over and over again.

You name it those satanic sluts and devils studs will happily do it. Shit, they’ll even do things to you ya never even dreamed of. Bringing you to inhuman heights night after night, after night.

These evil erotic fuck-demons are waiting for you on the other side now and ole Prof will tell ya how to call ’em. Just send me your $66.6 and I’ll tell all.

Don’t ask for mercy as they won’t give you mercy.

Prof Crow – The Devils Pimp

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