The truth is, a lot of people will do almost anything to get their lover back. This is understandable. If their ex has walked out on them, they will naturally be in a pitiful emotional state. Distraught, in other words.

And they will typically believe that they will feel fine again if their lover will only return to them. This may or may not be so. It all depends on whether the relationship was inherently toxic or not.

But if your lover has left you and you are 100% certain you want them back, this prayer to get your ex back could return them in 24-hours. But be warned, it is a Satanic prayer. It does petition the Lord of Darkness. And for it to work you heart must be genuinely inflamed with dark – and may I say obsidian – passion.

What you need to do is go to a location that teems with eerie and baleful atmosphere. This could be an old, abandoned graveyard, a hillside overlooking the sea or a lake – and thus replete with negative ions… or perhaps an ancient monument once used or built by heathens… like a burial mound or stone circle.

Go there at midnight. Then throw your arms wide to welcome Satan, and perhaps say, “Hail, Brother Satan” with as much gusto as you can muster. Then say the following prayer, which might actually be best described as a dark verse:

Arise out of the black shroud of night,
Come hither, Brother Satan.
Assist me in my plight,
Bring my ex love back to me,
For I love them dearly and truly.
Dark Lord of the desolate plains,
I am willing to pay the price
With my blood and my soul.
Hear my petition, deep from within my
Obsidian heart, for I am yours now.
Honour my request,
And I will do as you will.

When done you can give thanks by leaving a bottle of the hard stuff – whisky, rum, or Plymouth gin will do nicely. And maybe a good cigar or two, but certainly not cheap ones. These will go down well with Old Nick, that’s for sure.

So there we are. A simple, albeit diabolic, formula for bringing back an errant ex. But remember, for it to work, your whole heart will have to be in it, nothing less will do. You simply can’t take dealing with Satan lightly. It has to be done with respect and honour, not to mention loyalty.

With all that said, you’re good to go…

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