Today I went over Blickling Estate in Norfolk, Eastern England, which has an 18th century mausoleum in the shape of a pyramid… I call it “Satan’s Pyramid” as it is not only majestic, but unexpected in its setting in the English countryside.

More than that, it’s situated close to a Bronze Age burial mound, which likely would have been a ceremonial centre for the Ancient Britons.

Thus I see it as an ideal place for magic – and I call for the pyramid to be symbol for those of the “Devil’s Party”… those who value freedom over conformity, those who accept human nature, and don’t repress it under a guise of pious “do-goodery” which seems to have become worse in recent decades than it ever was…

So let’s rename the mausoleum “Satan’s Pyramid” and deposit aesthetic and thought-provoking items all around it, and make it a must-visit pilgrimage site for those of a Satanic turn-of-mind everywhere…

Is Blickling Mausoleum Satan’s Pyramid?
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