Every spellcaster on this planet is approached for lover back spells. Back in the day, it was the same for my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe. He’d get lots of people coming to him saying “my lover has left me, please bring them back to me.”

Earl would help them. Mostly with Mojo Hand workings or an early version of the Conjure Box, which I went on to develop. He had a very good success rate. People from all over the world consulted him on reputation alone.

But one time Earl said to me: “I never do my most powerful love spells for people. It is within my power to bring back somebody’s lover every time. Within three days or less. 100% guaranteed. And it makes no difference how difficult the situation is. Nor does it matter if love has turned to venemous hate.”

“Why don’t you do your most powerful spells for people?” I asked.

“There’s a risk it would kill the client,” he replied ominously. “As you know, people literally beg me to do lover back workings for them. If I did my most powerful reuniting spell for them, then yes, their lover would be back in less than three days. But they could drop cold dead the moment their lover falls back into their arms. This happened to my own teacher who did his most powerful reuniting spell for one of his clients. This was around 1923. She got her man back, but she died instantly. My teacher vowed he’d never use that level of power ever again. But he taught me his most powerful tricks with the warning that I should never use them.”

Earl instructed me in all his arts. And he called these most powerful, but potentially hazardous love spells the “nameless workings.”

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