This was about three years back. A lovely lady called Janey called me. She said she couldn’t hook the guy she’d fallen head over heels in love with. She’d been trying for two years.

The guy was in his late thirties, good looking and earning serious money. He was popular – especially with women, which didn’t make Janey feel great. She didn’t feel she could compete. Even though Janey was very attractive, she had low self-esteem.

“Please help me, Doc,” she said on the phone. “I’ve tried everything. I’ve wasted endless money on spellcasters, but none worked.”

I said I’d help her. But that she shouldn’t raise her hopes. I don’t like to over promise.

In the end, I decided it was a lost cause. After all she hadn’t hooked the guy in two years of trying. So I called her and said I couldn’t help.

“Oh…” she said quietly, her voice fraught with despair.

I hated to hear such disappointment. So I relented, and said: “OK Janey, I’ll help you. But what I’m about to suggest I almost NEVER offer to people.”

The fact was, I knew that if she was going to hook this guy, there was no other choice but to pull out the stops. Janey needed serious fire power. So I offered to use a voodoo spell I normally keep in reserve, one handed down to me by my voodoo mentor, the late Trinidadian singer Earl Marlowe.

“Believe me, they’re potent,” I told Janey. “They’re nothing like you see in books. They’re the real deal.”

Once I’d completed the voodoo spell, which took five days from set-up to casting, I told Janey there were a few things she needed to do to personalize and fully activate the spell.

I didn’t hear from Janey for about six weeks. Then she called me, saying: “Oh my God, Doc, I’m getting married! That secret voodoo love spell of yours really worked. It brought me true love! My guy even went down on his knees to propose. I can’t believe it. I’m so happy!”

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