If you’ve cast a voodoo love spell or lover back spell, you can boost it up with a bit of extra “oomph!” by wearing seduction oil as a perfume on a daily basis.

This is the recipe for a super loved up seduction oil:

♠ Place two tablespoons of cloves in two ounces of olive oil, and crush and blend them thoroughly with a pestle and mortar. You can also add a little ground cinnamon to “spice things up a little”. If you are daring enough to add some of your love juices to the mixture, it will give it a nuclear charge blast of power.

♠ Pour the resulting oil into a small bottle.

♠ Add a small piece of Verbena root (which is said to make the passions rise) to the bottle of Seduction oil.

♠ Before use, store it in a dark place for seven days.

♠ Anoint yourself behind the ears, under your left armpit, on the back of your neck and between your thighs. As you do this, say: “Oil of Love, flow through me, seduction is my specialty”

Give it a try and just watch the flames of passion burn … Mind your fingers!

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