So we talking about self-talk and accepting what we are as humans. Truth is, you might not be a big talker. You might not be loud. But I’ll tell ya, ya got a big, big voice yelling right inside your head. It’s screamin’ at ya. Don’t matter whether you outwardly quiet or you shy, you rockin’ the house in your head. There’s a party going on. But it ain’t always a great party. Too often it’s a downer party...

Voice in your head is a big voice and it won’t shut its mouth. It’s a control freak too. It likes to be boss. It likes its own way. It gets rattled easy too. It gets angry. It gets put out. It take umbridge and is ready to push you off the ridge. It gets upset. It throws tantrums. It’s full of envy and jealousy. It’s a motherfucker more often than not.

Truth is, your inner voice, your self-talk, is insecure. But we all got it. It’s what we are as humans. We have a shadow side. And self-talk mirrors a lot of our shadow side. The shadow side ain’t evil. It’s grown right outta the primal swamp. Like our emotions and all that we made of comes from the primal swamp, the ancient planes when we was hunter gatherers. All lot of that ancient stuff drives us now. But we keep it in coz we wanna impress people and seem nice. But that shadow side is always lurking ready to strike, making us do things we regret, making us be aggressive or passive agressive, making us screw people over, even our friends.

But you don’t need to repent. This is being human. All you gotta do is be real, understand what drives you. Observe yourself. Be honest with yourself. And keep an eye on your self-talk. Your thoughts. Your inner voice. Your interior monologue.

And when you with people, try and keep your self-talk down… listen to people, and recognise that they just like you, loads of self-talk, that’s what drives ‘em… keep an eye on ‘em. Coz they’re human like you and might try to screw you over even though they seem nice. Don’t get angry at ‘em. Obverse ‘em. That way, you’ll be ahead in the game.

We’re all human. We have a shadow side. They key is accepting that shadow side and accepting it in others… then you’ll see real fast if they’re trying to do a number on you, or whether they genuine.

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