Who in their right mind would sell their soul to the Devil? Who would bargain their immortal soul for wealth, fame, worldly honours, success, and the pleasures of the flesh? Who indeed? Most likely you, since you are reading this. But what would your motivation be? Perhaps it’s because all else has failed when it comes to achieving what you desire in life? Or perhaps you see it as a shortcut to get what you want?

Either that, or you’ve got to wondering how it is that some people in the world gain monumental wealth and success, while others struggle and barely get by.

Perhaps it seems like these super-successful people must have had a little help – that it wasn’t just hard work and sheer focus on a goal that elevated them to prominence.

Well, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that. Many do believe that the mega-rich and high-profile celebrities made the ultimate bargain to get what they desired – that they sold their souls to the Devil in return for riches and fame.

I mean how else would a certain well-known music artist go from the streets and petty drug dealing to being a close friend of a U.S. president? Or a certain Hollywood actress going from moderate fame to liaising with world leaders?

Was it just luck and coincidence? Or did they seek help from diabolic forces?

You decide.

But I imagine you already have decided. And that is why you are reading this. You’d like to know how you go about trading your immortal soul with the Devil for wealth and fame. Well, fear not, I will tell you how. But first…

My credentials…

I suspect you have heard that I am an expert on the subject of the Faustian pact and making a deal with the Devil. How could this be, you might ask? It’s simple. If you have read my Voodoo Spellbook you will know that, when I was young, I was mentored by a voodoo doctor called Earl Marlowe. And in his tradition of swamp voodoo making a deal with the Devil was a central tenet. Most famously, the bluesman Robert Johnson reputedly sold his soul to Satan in the early 1930s in exchange for phenomenal expertise on the guitar.

So it was Earl who schooled me in the art of dealing with the Devil. In fact, Ole Satan, as Earl called him, was a big part of our voodoo. But we were never in thrall to the Devil; our dealings were always done on equal terms.

In fact, if you don’t do it on equal terms you will find yourself in very hot water (most likely of the boiling variety), particularly when it comes to paying the price and honouring your bargain with the Lord of this World.

In other words, you will be profoundly damned.

Be assured, however, I will school you on making the Faustian Pact in the correct manner. Although I do feel obliged to point out that making a deal with the Devil should not be attempted by the fainthearted. You do need to have some mettle. Otherwise – again not to mince words – Ole Satan will eat you for breakfast.

So how do you go about making the Faustian bargain?

Here are the 7 steps for selling your soul to the Devil…

1 Recognise that all human souls are not created equal. Some are worth a great deal, others are worth hardly a bean. Thus Ole Satan is picky about who he will make a deal with. Understandably, he is mostly interested in what we might call “premium souls.” (All is not lost, however, for those with… how shall we say? … “bargain basement” souls. But we’ll come to that shortly).

2 Understand that selling your soul should not be done with a “last resort” attitude, such as “all else has failed so I’ll sell my soul to the Devil.” This will only serve to put Satan in a fury. He sees the presumption that your soul is actually worth something as the ultimate human conceit. In reality, it may only be of the bargain basement variety of soul, and thus pretty worthless to Satan.

3 Be aware that Satan won’t take any old soul. He wants the cream of the crop. If you are one of the lucky ones whose soul has premium value then you won’t even have to seek him out. He will come to you. (As he did to Jesus and to certain modern celebrities and business magnates).

4 If your soul isn’t of premium value (as is the case with most humans) then the Devil won’t come to you. He won’t make his presence known. If this proves to be the case, don’t worry, you simply have to gain Satan’s attention. (More on that in a moment)

5 Understand that Satan cannot abide being controlled. For example, the medieval grimoires (magic books) like The Goetia instruct you to control Satan by imprisoning him in a magic circle – not to mention declaring your faith in God and Christ and imploring them to protect you. All this serves to do is enrage Satan. So you would be advised not to do it

6 Recognise that the Devil is a business man, and that he must be dealt with on a level playing field. Like any business deal, a pact with Satan should be conducted between equals. He must be approached face-to-face: no magic circles and no attempts to cast him in chains.

7 Satan rules in Hell. But here on Earth (the upside) things are more evenly balanced, and a deal between equals can be struck. You need to understand that balance and tip it in your favour. Such an understanding is integral to to the “results magic” of experienced sorcerers, both today and down the ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get out of a deal with the Devil?

Why would you want to? If you do it right in the first place you don’t need to worry about weaselling out of your bargain.

So what is the right way to make a deal with the Devil?

Like I say, if your soul is valuable to Satan – if it is the cream of the crop – he will appear to you of his own accord, and he’ll offer you terms, and you will be able to negotiate and strike a mutually suitable deal. In this instance, you don’t have to try to sell your soul. Satan will make his presence known.

What if you aren’t on the A-list of souls?

In this case – the most common scenario – you can seek to attract Satan’s attention. Flag up that you are prepared to bargain your immortal soul.

How do you do this?

You make yourself stand out. Show attractive qualities like ingenuity, the ability to survive and prosper in any circumstances, focus and dedication, will power, or any other quality that will appeal to the Lord of this World.

Do recognise that attracting Satan’s attention does not mean committing murder or rape, or harming children of animals (Satan is a great protector of brother and sister beast). If you do anything as disreputable as that, Satan will not parley with you.

You attract Satan’s attention by being a unique individual. Somebody who thinks for themselves and does not follow the herd.

What if this isn’t enough?

Good question. And indeed, making yourself stand out as an individual often isn’t enough. But there is a solution for attracting the gaze of the Dark Lord. Adepts of the magical arts know the subtleties of making a pact with the Devil at the crossroads. They know how to create the required artefacts that make up the Satan Attractor Formula, a powerful obsidian talisman that will draw the attention of the Devil.

But even the Satan Attractor Formula doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the Devil will pop up to you. But it will garner his attention.

The Satan Attractor Formula takes much time and energy to prepare. But for anybody wishing to trade their soul with Satan, and willing to take the lonely walk to the crossroads to meet the Devil, then it is a must.

What I do to create the Satan Attractor Formula

At midnight, at the dark of the moon, I go to the sprawling marshland near a village called Halvergate in eastern England. A lonely and desolate place where I set up a circle with the eight-points of the compass, and call down mighty, infernal spirits, who arrive in a black horse-drawn carriage, its eerie, creaking wheels echoing over the bleak landscape.

I whirl in possession trance, howling the diabolic words that manifest these dark spirits from the obsidian realms of the multiverse to the material plane. I then parlay with them and make a deal that involves them charging the black artefacts with the necessary infernal power to draw the Devil’s attention to you.

Once these artefacts are charged, I place them in a black box, which makes up the Satan Attraction Formula. This black box serves as your antenna, signalling your desire to sell your soul, and drawing the obsidian gaze of Satan himself.

If you are serious about making the Faustian Pact and believe you would benefit my Satan Attractor Formula, then send me an email and I will supply further details. I cannot disclose more about it on the open internet. You will need to get in touch directly with me.

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