Back in the 1990s one of my good pals was seriously into magick, like I am. And we’d regularly go for wanders in the countryside and woodlands. They were like “shaman’s walks”, although we never decided to do that. It was just the way it always turned out. Within minutes of setting out, the whole landscape would come alive and we’d read the messages that the natural world was giving us.

One time we were walking down this trackway, and he grabbed my arm and shouted “Stop!”. In front of me was a largish branch, which looked like a snake, and formed a kind of “S” shape.

He said I couldn’t walk past it or over it, that we’d have to deal with it. So we spent some time there mulling over it. He reckoned it was a “spirit message.”

Eventually we concluded I had to take it home. The branch was about eight foot long, so it was a bit of a job.

When I got back home I stuck it behind the TV. And it eventually got decorated with various things, from feathers to ribbon – and at Christmas it was covered in lights.

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