A young woman called Coleen came to me a while back. She said: “I want to voodoo my ex with old world supernatural magic. We were together ten years and he cheated on me throughout the relationship. In the end, he was bringing girls home even when I was there! They’d do it downstairs in the lounge while I was trying to sleep upstairs.”

After they split up, her ex immediately moved in with another woman. Coleen decided she wanted to teach him a lesson. Ten years of cheating had really taken it’s toll on her. She was 33 and didn’t feel she could trust or be intimate with a man again – at least not until she’d resolved the previous relationship and let out the anger she’d held in check for so long.

So she decided to use one of my Sufferin’ Roots to unleash a little taste of hellfire on her ex! The Sufferin’ Root wasn’t designed to be out-and-out malicious. As Coleen said, “I just want to run him in circles and cause him serious embarrassment, especially in front of women, and break up his current relationship.”

Considering the grief he’d put her through, it seemed more than fair…

My Sufferin’ Roots are old world magic mojo bags filled with arcane items that, in conjunction with an ancient incantation, will cause a person’s desire to come true.

Anyhow, Coleen ordered a Sufferin’ Root and awaited results. Her ex seemed to be carrying on as normal for six weeks or so. Nothing appeared to be happening. And then she’d heard he’d been in hospital for a very embarrassing condition. His penis stayed erect continuously, literally for hours on end, even after having sex and ejaculating. It wouldn’t go down. The condition is known as “priapism,” and is often caused by a rupture in a branch of an artery that supplies blood to the penis.

His new relationship split up because the woman he was with couldn’t tolerate his cheating anymore. Although his condition was treatable, it didn’t look likely that he’d be sleeping with anyone for at least six months or more.

Coleen had a moment of guilt, then said: “What the hell, he deserves it with what he put me through for ten years…”

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