I got an email from a lady yesterday telling me she’d been unfaithful to her husband after 19 years of marriage. He was livid and wanted a divorce. She wanted to know if a voodoo spell could both save her marriage and return the happiness they’d once knew together.

She said:

“He’d been unfaithful to me three years ago. I’d been ill at the time. I went crazy, probably because I love him so much. It hurt so bad. I wanted to kill him. But just couldn’t. So I decided to get him back – even though I’d never once been unfaithful before.

The problem is my husband found out about my affair a month ago. And life has been hell ever since. He’s mad with rage and I don’t know what to do. He’s also said that when we get our debts paid off he’s filing for divorce.

What I want to know is if your voodoo can smooth things over and get him to forget the horrible thing that happened. I want him to stay with me.”

I wrote back to her saying that one mistake over 19 years to the person you love isn’t really a “sin.” If the marriage had been happy and successful for well over a decade – up until the husband had an affair – then there’s a good chance the marriage can get back on track.

I said it’s best to stick to material means before using voodoo. Her husband was angry due to his pride being hurt, and mostly he needs his ego building up again and to be reminded of the value of having a stable marriage and home base. That may prevent him from taking divorce proceedings.

Equally she needs to fully forgive her husband for straying, to find a way of emotionally dealing with it…

I recommended she do a compassion ritual of some kind – either one rooted in her own personal spiritual or religious beliefs. Or do a meditation involving goodwill to all living beings.

But I did add that, if she needs it, I could cast a spell to heal things between her and her husband to help return a happy state to the marriage.

I get many emails by the day that involve problems in people’s relationships. Often they can be resolved by material means – but sometimes a little extra “gunpowder” with voodoo is what’s needed to make things good again.

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